The firm’s M&A department focuses it’s practice on challenges to board/management misconduct in connection with corporate mergers and acquisitions, in order to ensure that shareholders interests are protected. The Firm specializesin breach of fiduciary duty actions, and the resources necessary to efficiently conduct this type of litigation.


The derivative department at the firm initiates actions by shareholders on behalf of corporations against officers, directors and other parties responsible for corporate wrongdoing. The department takes special interest in matters involving corporate governance issues.


The firm’s whistleblower litigation department represents individuals who expose activity that has harmed or defrauded the government. Our attorneys focus their practice on the representation of whistleblowers bringing claims pursuant to the False Claims Act and through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Whistleblower Program, among others.


The firm is also involved in securities litigation involving suits against companies whose shareholders have suffered losses as the result of violations of the federal securities laws.