welcome-roomThis is not your father’s law firm. The Weiser Law Firm, P. C. is comprised of uniquely exceptional individuals who passionately believe in protecting investors, employees, consumers, and all taxpayers. They are inspired to bring that passion, their perspective and their personalities to the actions they litigate. What this means for our clients is that we can take a “good” case and make it better, solve problems (or create solutions) that other fine law firms cannot, or prevent small issues from becoming greater problems.

The professionals at the Firm have created a record of excellence that rivals that of any boutique law firm in the United States that practices in their chosen field, and that is a testament to their skill, tenacity and devotion. But the track record of the Firm is also a testament to the clients it represents – a skillful lawyer can take mediocre facts and produce a “good” result (and indeed, can transform “good” facts into an outstanding result) – those individuals or institutions that seek to vindicate their rights against some of the world’s largest corporations. The Firm’s clients are the bedrock of its success and the professionals here never forget that fact.

records1-webSome of the core values of the Firm are professionalism, courtesy, respect, compassion and selectivity, and they run throughout all we do, both at the Firm and in the communities we live in or serve. The professionals at the Firm believe that being successful means giving back, so you may see them raising funds for a charitable function the day after you see them in court.

The Firm could not maintain its standards by filing every case in which it is or could be retained, so it seeks to represent clients in cases where they can both serve the client’s interests and favorably impact the rights of other investors, consumers, or taxpayers, and not just in one case; rather, our ambition is to improve all such rights on a going-forward basis, and that’s what we achieve in our most successful cases. That’s why the professionals at the firm do what they do: one plaintiff in one case can protect or improve the rights of others in the future and we see this happen every day. As just one example, through the efforts of skilled practitioners (including those at the Firm) in the mergers & acquisitions field, it is much more difficult for majority owners to take unfair advantage of minority stockholders in a buyout than it once was. The attorneys at the Firm also strongly believe that strong, independent corporate governance creates stockholder value. Thus, as a result (in part) of the efforts of the professionals at the Firm, boards of directors nationwide exercise more independent oversight of the managers they supervise. These are just two examples, of what one plaintiff and one case (or, in some situations, a series of cases) can achieve.

There is a greater disconnect than ever between corporate America’s officers & directors and the stockholders they are supposed to serve. Certainly, some boards of directors have forgotten this simple, fundamental principle; that they are meant to serve the interests of the corporation’s owners, which in most cases, are the corporation’s public stockholders. Some say that corporate America, with its army of brilliant, high-priced lawyers will always be one step ahead of investors and consumers and that as soon as one problem is “fixed”, enterprising corporate counsel will produce another that favors corporate America at the expense of investors or consumers. We don’t know if that’s true or not, but we do know this; there is something that one stockholder (or one consumer) can do about it in one case.

Moreover, many of these companies also engage in outright fraud to boost profits. From deception using accounting tricks and public misstatements in violation of securities laws and SEC regulations to tax evasion and other IRS fraud, there is little unscrupulous company executives will not do in the name of greed. Similarly, companies all too often take advantage of government programs designed to improve the health and safety of Americans, robbing all of us of these essentials and our hard-earned tax dollars. The unfortunate reality is that pharmaceutical companies and unscrupulous medical providers routinely game Medicare and state Medicaid programs, putting profits before patients. Government infrastructure and military contractors regularly overbill for, and under-deliver on, the provision of agreed upon goods and services, which not only wastes tax dollars, but also puts all Americans in danger, from those who unknowingly cross a poorly constructed bridge on the way to work to those protecting us overseas counting on a weapon that a contractor knows is prone to malfunction. Again, one conscientious employee can be the catalyst for change.

To learn more about the Weiser difference, please contact us. If you’re ever in the beautiful western suburbs of Philadelphia (on its fabled “Main Line”), stop by and learn about the Weiser difference in-person. If you visit in the summertime, and it’s lunchtime, you may find that Rob Weiser cooks you a hamburger on the patio grill.