Winning is in Our DNA

How do you build a winning lawyer?  The answer to that question depends, in part, by how you define “winning.”  Sometimes, winning may mean trying your claims in court.  Sometimes winning may mean an advantageous settlement at the right time. Sometimes winning may mean not filing a lawsuit at all; everything depends on the needs of the client, the facts and circumstances regarding each individual scenario.

No matter how you define “winning,” it takes several specialized, discrete skills (such as understanding, empathy, confidence, tenacity and wisdom) to create the winning DNA.  It also takes a lot of experience; how could you possibly expect a second-year lawyer to have this blend of different skills?  We once told you that Weiser “wasn’t your father’s law firm” and we weren’t; we employed creative strategies to produce unique results for our clients.  And while we still approach every potential case from unique angles, we now also have the experience to know when a conventional strategy best fits a client’s needs.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that large corporations often rely upon scare tactics to impose their will; in fact, it’s often the best weapon in their arsenal. They want to intimidate you, and to paraphrase Sun Tzu, they want to win the battle before it even begins.  Corporate bullying is often hollow, but we know that it takes courage to step forward, and most of our clients would tell you that taking that first step is the hardest.  Please allow us the opportunity to put our winning DNA to work for you.